Letter from Gaza last December 28th

Dear friends,

It is the second day of Israel’s massacre in Gaza. I can tell you that everyone in Gaza expects to die at any moment, as nobody knows if they will die or stay alive…

Yesterday, Saturday 27/12/2008 at 11:30 I was at home with my little brother and my little sister, who were preparing to go to school. I can’t forget the sound of the heavy bombardment. Personally, I have not heard for the last two years. It makes you scared; it is horrible!

Transmitted by Marianne Blume who taught in Gaza for many years…

My brother and my sister started crying, especially when we saw the smoke coming out of the bombarded areas very near our place as well as many helicopters and F16s in the sky. Mom went to the market and my dad visited our grandmother who is ill. My other brothers and sisters were either at work or at the university. I tried to call my mom, my dad and my brothers but I had no signal. I had connection problems all the time. All this and also the woman next door, who did not stop crying because her oldest son left for college, which is in the bombarded area, 15 minutes before all this happened. It is terrible to experience those moments especially when one has no electricity that would allow one to keep informed. Within 2 hours my whole family gathered together in the house. We were all worried. We were concerned about not only ourselves but also everybody else.

Did you ever see birds flying away? It is so sad! Even our cat was scared.

When we finally gathered together, everyone started telling stories about the sad events:

– my cousin, aged 12, was at his college just near a bombarded site. Like all his fellow students, he saw the blood of the martyrs and the wounded people, and he was scared. As soon as he hears the noise of the airplanes, he hides, crying and screaming. My uncle called us at 2 o’clock in the morning, asking my father what to do about a child who could not sleep.

– a young man, aged 22, was at one of the bombarded sites. All his friends, including even his boss, had been killed. He screamed and slapped himself on the face in the sight of all these events and many others.

The night before unfolded so heavily and slowly that nobody could sleep.

As I write this e-mail the situation isn’t calmer, on the contrary, it’s worse with many helicopters and F16s in the sky.

Since the Israeli military is still continuously bombarding everywhere, I am writing to you now, not knowing if I’ll be able to do so later!!!

I know that the media is blaming Hamas by considering it to have the initial blame for what’s happening. However, did Fatah, which always asks for peace, change anything in the situation in Transjordan?

In the name of ensuring security, the Israelis keep building the wall with new checkpoints to arrest Palestinians. Hamas did not attack Israel to give the latter the justification to do the same in Gaza. The supporters of Hamas are as isolated as the rest of the Palestinians in Gaza.

I just got a message on my mobile phone sent to everyone saying that everyone who has weapons in their houses would be under the treat of being bombarded.

Translated by Anne Bienfait for Investigaction.