The first “fake news” was “fake news”

Surely it could not last. Surely there would be a reaction. And the reaction started with the most urgent issue: controlling the vocabulary. (Recall that “whoever controls the vocabulary controls the terms of the debate“).


Let us see. Fake news are false information, or misinformation, or information that does not inform, or totally fabricated information, or a one-side article… In short, it is a lie.

Now, what is the difference between fake news and disinformation? Or between fake news and lies? You should not bother looking because there are none.

But the use of a new term – and it is often chic to use an Anglicanism – is meant to suggest that it is a new phenomenon, on a global scale, which naturally will require new measures…

Considering that the term fake news does not mean anything new, quite the opposite, it follows that its use represents in itself… fake news. The first fake news, somehow. 

Did they at least realise it, or are they as silly as they look?

Now when I see “fake journalists” tackling fake news, I tell myself this is like one half of their brain is attacking the other half.


Source : Le Grand Soir


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