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It is not easy to fight against the mainstream media propaganda. Google and Facebook are tightening their censorship controls. So our weekly newsletter remains the best way of keeping in touch. But also here the tech giants, or perhaps those evil Russian hackers, are putting up roadblocks. Our newsletters end up marked as spam. Our servers are often blocked. To avoid these problems in the future, our tech team had to restore our database. From now on, in order to keep following us without interruption, we need a little action from your part.


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When NATO attacks a country, we are told it is about human rights and the economic interests are hidden. When our governments implement austerity measures, we are told there is no alternative, but in the meantime the richest ones see their fortunes continue to grow. When Israel attacks Palestinians, we are told they are defending themselves from terrorism, without mentioning the colonial occupation. When trade unions defend public services they are presented as privileged or hostage-takers…

We could go on. The amount of effort dedicated to have us swallow these bitter pills shows how control over information is essential for those who hold power. But the system is in crisis and the Internet has opened a new front in the information battle. That is why these days, under the cover of the fight against fake news, censorship is gathering pace. Nevertheless, the repeated crisis demonstrate that opening up the debate is essential in order to build alternatives to this economic model that worsens inequality, leads to war and devastates nature. And we know there is no room for such a debate in the mainstream media. The alternative media thus play a crucial role.

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