Help us erase Investig’Action’s debt, thank you !

Dear friends of Investig’Action, some news from the financial front…

We have published several books that we are very proud of : La Propagande d’Israël by Ilan Pappe, Faut-il détester la Russie ? by Robert Charvin and Camarades, je demande la parole about the necessary renewal of trade unionism. The website was redesigned and it is very nice, plenty of good articles have been published, our facebook page keeps on growing, but…


We nevertheless have an imbalance between our revenues (donations and book sales) and our expenses. And this hampers our development and new projects.


More concretely, we are launching a campaign that we have called (a hat tip to our friends at CADTM who are doing a great job) : Committee for the Cancellation of Investig’Action’s debt (Comité pour l’Annulation de la Dette d’Investig’Action) ! This debt totals 25.000€.  These are printing bills, bills for the design of the new website, administrative costs.


We should «cancel» this debt immediately. Not because it is illegitimate, but because it weighs on the budget and holds back new projects. Since our only sources of revenue are your  donations and book sales, we are counting on your support to help us wipe the slate clean. We are also taking steps to have a strictly balanced budget. The next step will be increasing our revenues to launch two new projects. But one step at a time !


Can you help us with a small contribution ? And can you spread the word to your friends ?


We thank you in advance !


Michel Collon and the Investig’Action team