Hands off Venezuela!

Under our very eyes, the same plan for a coup d’Etat that happened in Chile is being organized by neoliberalism in Venezuela.


Chile is always presented as an ‘economic miracle’. Is this not a way of mitigating the crimes of fascism that were carried out during the 1970s? And there were others responsible, although less known, like the financial assassins of the IMF and its ideologues, the Chicago boys. But what can seem a miracle to some was a curse to others. At the end of March, two million people went into the streets in Chile to demand the end of the AFP (the old pension system inherited from the Pinochet dictatorship).

Just like in Chile, the Venezuelan importing oligarchy, which has a monopoly on certain products and uses it to sow fear among the population, has been committing veritable economic sabotage. However this has been going on for too long and the population has not been twiddling their thumbs. The Local Supply and Distribution Committees (CLAP) have proved to be a creative and effective solution, confronted as they are by the frenzied threats that beset the Bolivarian Revolution.

Meanwhile Venezuela is portrayed as a country sunken in poverty where nothing functions and there is nothing to eat. It is the diametric opposite to the ‘Chilean miracle’. How strange that is because, unlike Chile, Argentina and Brazil, the majority of the population of Venezuela support their government, as surveys have demonstrated.

As always the reality is much more complex. Let us not forget. After the physical death of Chávez, the right declared the path they would take: non-recognition of the results of the 2013 elections, call for removing the government by violence (Operación La Salida), campaign for the amnesty of the ignoble Leopoldo López and, more recently, call for the dismissal of President Maduro.

The clamorous declarations of the Venezuelan opposition are innumerable. Its latest exploit is to demand foreign intervention to put an end to the Revolution. It claims that the Democratic Charter of the OAS (Organization of American States, based in Washington) has ‘greater value’ than the Democratic Bolivarian Constitution of 1999. This, however, would mean transforming Venezuela into a protectorate, a semi-colony of US imperialism. The masks have fallen. It is a project of the fascist right-wing – a betrayal that must be denounced.

The Latin American right is trying to reinstall the neoliberalism of the past. Any study of what has recently been happening will reveal the inspiration that fuels the new battles for freedom from the oppression and threats of the oligarchy. The resistance of the peoples of Our America can be explained by their pride in having recovered their sovereignty with the “No to FTAA” slogan of Chávez. For this reason the confidence and optimism in the ability of the peoples to decide its future for themselves will be increasingly difficult to control. In the words of Che Guevara, speaking at the United Nations in 1964:

“From now on, history will have to take into account the poor, the exploited and the humiliated of Latin America. It is a wave that will not be stopped.”


Source: Journal of Our America, Investig’Action


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