London is burning, Stock Exchanges are suffocating in water, unemployment is going to erupt. Solution? Let’s bomb Libya!

In London, hopeless youngsters burn down houses and shops. A few kilometers away, people who have amassed billions in the stock market panic at the idea of gaining less.

How did they earn these billions? They required companies to cut salaries and employment opportunities. This means they destroyed the future of the young generation in order to increase the benefits of their companies. The result is the current crisis. It goes without saying that if you take away the buying power of the consumer then the consumer will be unable to spend.

At present, what are the masters of the stock market doing? They are requiring further cuts to social aid which in turn is causing further crisis for the youth.

And during this time, the ministers, whose neoliberal measures allowed these social massacres, pretend not to understand the revolt. Yet all they have to do is listening. But it is much easier for them to send the police over to the poor neighborhoods, rather than to the stock market.

Instead of using the budget to create job opportunities, the British government has sent additional bombers to kill more civilians in Libya, which will lead to even more hatred. Paris, Washington and Brussels are doing the same. Getting their hands on oil and the financial reserves of the Libyans is the pocket money that will pay their debts.

If they succeed to overthrow Gaddafi, what will happen? No more providence states in Libya, but a maximum of privatization. No more social redistribution of the oil money, but it will be confiscated by the multinationals. No more Libyan aid for the autonomous development of African countries, but further exploitation of the natural resources by Westerners.

What will be the consequences? More Africans  without a secure future will be forced to immigrate and join the desperates of London, Paris, and Brussels. There they will work for pennies. But their misfortune leads to the fortune of others.

It is an absurd and a non humanitarian system. How long will we allow them to do it?

Brussels, August 11, 2011 
Translated from french by Rita Yammine